Want to Encourage Creativity and Curiosity? Check Out This Website


I was introduced to the Colossal website a while back and spent way more time than I expected exploring their offerings. My first thought was of course, from a homeschool perspective. I am always looking for something that sparks a new burst of enthusiasm for what is possible. Being able to experiences other […]

3 Ways to Use Smilebox in Your Homeschool

I am a grandma. All eight of my grandchildren live at least a day’s drive from me. I don’t get to see all of their accomplishments and milestones. My daughter-in-law has found a fun way to keep all the long distance relatives up to date on the kids’ activities. I regularly get emails from her […]

Tinkerlab for Your Child’s Creative Mind

With my boys almost grown, I don’t often have activities for the younger crowd on my radar. But this book caught my eye and I am so glad it did. The author, Rachelle Doorley, has some of the best ideas I’ve seen for engaging young children in creative play. We’ve all heard that a child’s […]

Teaching Time Management to Your Homeschool Students

One of the most important underlying lessons we should be teaching our children is time management. They need to learn to pace themselves and to prioritize their activities. One way to do this is to have a daily deadline. This is easy to do by giving them the responsibility of daily chores.They also need […]

Avoiding This Common Homeschool Trap May Save Your Sanity

We all want to see our kids excel. Whatever the reason we decided to homeschool, the bottom line is that we felt it would be a better education than what was offered in the government school system. That being said, we are compelled to make that a reality.

How do we do that? We […]

Send Your Perfectionist Packing

I heard a rather bizarre story the other day. A young mom was telling me about another new mom she’d met at an event. They talked about how much of an adventure raising children was. The other mom then proceeded to explain her parenting strategies. She said that she didn’t allow her child who was […]

What to Do When Self-Doubt Invades Your Homeschool

If you have been homeschooling for very long (like more than a week) you may have experienced an invasion of self-doubt. You know what it looks like. When it shows up, you begin to wonder what in the world ever convinced you that you could homeschool in the first place. It’s those times when […]

Homeschooling Boys: 5 Things You Need to Know

Homeschooling boys is an adventure. I’ve been homeschooling my seven sons for 22 years and counting. There are some unique challenges that are part of the process. To be successful isn’t hard if you take these five things into consideration.

Little boys really can’t sit still. Research has proven that from birth, boys are more […]

Ways to Get Dad Involved in Your Homeschool

My husband was all for homeschooling when we started in 1991. He was also trying to get his own business started and trying to help me deal with my mother’s terminal illness. He had his hands full. Very full.

I was the primary teacher from the beginning, partly because I had a degree in education […]

Boredom: The Enemy of Learning

Are your students bored? Are you bored?

As a homeschooler for the past 22 years, I can tell you of many times when both students and teacher have been bored out of our minds. Why? There are many reasons for boredom in the homeschool environment. Many more in the school setting, but we’ll leave that […]

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