Great Reasons to Read Real Books – As If I Need a Reason!

I love it when somebody else concludes what I have already discovered. I want to share with you an article that confirms that reading is good for you!

I love reading and have wonderful memories of walking the library by myself ( in the days when kids could be outside unsupervised for more than 5 minutes.)

I remember how it felt to have the entire children’s section at my fingertips. I would browse the shelves collecting everything that looked interesting at the moment. The only thing that kept me from checking them all out was the fact that I had to carry them for three-quarters of a mile back home. In the summer I made at least two trips per week since it only took me a few days to read all I could carry.

When my boys were young I took them to the library on a regular basis. We went several times a week while we were homeschooling. I finally had them stop signing out books on their own cards because it was too hard to keep track of all of them. Thankfully, our library didn’t have a limit on how many books you could sign out. I remember our record of books on my card at one time was a whopping 176.  I wondered if I should take out some sort of rider on my homeowner’s insurance to cover library books in the event of a disaster. Fortunately, we never had a disaster. Once or twice we lost a book and once we had to pay for damage to a book. The damage occurred when one of the boys took the Calvin and Hobbs book into the bathroom with him!

I’m sure by now you get the idea that I am an avid reader. My husband is too. He wasn’t when we got married, I think I converted him. My boys always had books and we read aloud daily.

But then technology began to encroach. The boys spent more time on their gadgets than with a book. I even got a Kindle for myself. I have thousands of books on my Kindle. I could read for years and never get them all read.

But guess what? I still go to the library on a regular basis and usually have about 25 books checked out at any given time. I can’t help it. I love to hold a book in my hands, to flip back and forth in the pages. I love to mark places with post-it notes to find again later.

This article gives some reasons that researchers have discovered to encourage us to read more real books. They are good reasons, but then I didn’t really need another reason anyway! My favorite saying in regards to reading has always been,

“so many books, so little time.” – Frank Zappa

Find a good book to read and enjoy!