Want to Encourage Creativity and Curiosity? Check Out This Website


I was introduced to the Colossal website a while back and spent way more time than I expected exploring their offerings. My first thought was of course, from a homeschool perspective.  I am always looking for something that sparks a new burst of enthusiasm for what is possible.  Being able to experiences other people’s genius is an incredible way to encourage creativity.

The website has several categories that are all very interesting. If you only want to take a small amount of time on each visit, I would recommend choosing the Random button.  It will give you an endless supply of some of the most interesting things you’ll see on the web.

This morning, after clicking the Random button three times, this is what I found.

Three Great Stop Motion Shorts Not to be Missed


Delicate Pencil Lead Carvings


The homepage for the website is This is Colossal.   Enjoy!