The Death of Education — The Birth of Learning

I ran across this really interesting and informative video about the current state of affairs in education and how our kids learn. It talks about the impact of technology on our traditional views of education.

One of the things we must do is approach the idea of learning and education from a completely new perspective. The way students learn and the way they have access to information is unlike anything we’ve seen before. They don’t need to learn and memorize all sorts of information anymore. They need to learn how to find and process information and they need to develop a desire to do so. The current model of education doesn’t offer these opportunities. It continues to crank out students who are like products of a factory, all experiencing the same things at the same time. By using the technology available to this generation, more students than ever before have the opportunity to follow their passions and achieve their dreams. Why would we choose to keep them contained in a system that stifles their creative minds by using an outdated form of education?


The video even hits the subject of standardized testing pretty hard:

“No one I know takes standardized tests for a living. So why are we using standardized tests to see if you’re gonna’ be good when we don’t have standardized test after you take it? It’s infected the entire marketing ecosystem of education. Because famous colleges are famous because they’re picky about your SAT scores. Parents want their kids to go to a famous college. Parents push the school to create kids who will get into a famous college by doing well on the SAT.  All of which is corrupting the entire reason we have education in the first place. ”

Seth Godin

Most parents get hung up thinking that their child has to have standardized testing to be able to succeed in their education and subsequent career. For more about standardized tests, watch for my next post.