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Homeschool Support Resources

Websites: (clickable links for resources listed) (lists articles, groups, events related to homeschooling) (a list of homeschool magazines) ( homeschooling special needs children) (has message forums, resource lists and Podcasts) (huge variety of homeschool information) ( search for groups that interest you. If you type in “homeschool” you will get over 7000 results, also try “unschooling”)  Homeschool-Iowa and  Idea-2 are two of the largest state groups.


Homeschooling from Scratch (1996)  by Mary Potter Kenyon

Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath-You Can Do This (2004)  by Terrie Lynn Bittner

Local Support Groups: NICHE – state organization SHEEP – Christian group in Pleasant Hill HEED – Christian group in Johnston – inclusive group with a great page of other local groups to consider.

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