Homeschooling is Worth It, Even on the Tough Days

Sometimes we have rough days. Sometimes we have rough weeks. Well, to be honest sometimes we have rough YEARS! I have to admit that at times I find homeschooling hard. Much harder than I ever imagined.

I think that the saying “anything worth having is worth working for” can be appropriately applied to homeschooling. But […]

Why I Don’t Have a Schoolroom

I read an article today that talked about how the author’s family had decided the best way for them to “do school” was to “separate home and school.” I read with some interest how this family had designated a room that they would use strictly for school and not allow their school to “take over […]

Firsts and Lasts

I think anyone who has been a parent has shared the feeling of excitement that comes when your child does a “first.” By that I mean, the first time you watch your child gain a victory over some skill or do something by themselves. We applaud wildly when our little ones take their first steps […]

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